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Daymond John

Getting the chance to see the great Daymond John in NYC for the day. Daymond is a great example of entrepreneurialship and success in sales. In 1998 his FUBU clothing line made $350 million. Who do you look up to in the world of sales and their successes?

The One Thing You Can Do to Guarantee a Sale

Of all the steps you take to make a sale, there is one vital rung in the sales ladder that will guarantee a successful close.  Skip this step – or do only part of it – and you will most likely fail.

If you look back and study all your previous sales, you’ll probably find the completion of this particular step as a common thread in your success.

What is it?

Overcoming objections.  Think about it.  When you overcome your prospect’s objections, you are essentially persuading them to buy.  You are convincing them that your offer is the best solution for them.

So how do you know what their objections are going to be prior to your appointment?  You don’t.  You might have an idea if you do your homework about the company (which you already do anyway, right?), but unless you’re psychic, you won’t know every single objection your prospect is going to have.

Your best bet is to anticipate EVERY possible objection about your offer…and provide an answer that will present your product/service in a better light than your competitors’ – without competitor bashing, of course.

Try selling the product to yourself.  Compare it with the competing products.  What would your major concerns be if you purchased the product for yourself?  Take a good, long, hard look at it and write down any objection you might have.

When you can’t find anything more that you might be concerned about, take a look at each objection in your list and answer them in a way that places your product in a positive light.

Is your product superior in quality, price, service, support or anything?  Find something that your product or service displays superior benefits than the competing products and run with it.

If you truly cannot find something that makes your product shine maybe it’s time to sell something else.

Bad Sales People Equals Bad Customers

Did you ever think and wonder why you continue to attract difficult and bad customers? It’s because of the types of sales people they are attracted to.

Here at The Salespreneur we have all seen our fair share of businesses with bad sales people. Once you dig deep into their businesses we always seem to find that the bad customers come to them because of their bad sales people. It is not to say that every company who has incredible sales people has amazing customers. However you will find that good sales people attract good customers.

Bad sales people are often focused on features and pricing. They end up attracting the kind of customer who is not interested in the value of a product but is solely focused on price.

When you wind up focusing on those two things, the customers you do end up attracting  are buying based on price and not on the value of what the product or service can bring them. This can create a customer who wants to bargain and has certain expectations as well as demands for pricing. This often also means once this type of customer has made the purchase, they are the ones who call and hassle you for months after.

Bad sales people without a doubt will not only cost you sales, they will cost you time and will attract the wrong customer.

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The Stanford Cardinal wound up winning the cOnference and a BCS bowl game, Butthey met resistance against WSU in their late-October matchup, one highlighted by the cougars’ defensive effort.Stanford, power offense and all, managed just 120 rushing yards and 3.2 yards per carry while squeaking out a victory.That was wsu’s defense at its finest. 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ReasOn for optimismThis wasn’t a particularly experienced group last seasOn, Buttheir growing pains -Coupled with a handful of impressive performances-Could yield big-Time, productive dividends this year.Especially if they stay healthy.Cause for concernthe loss of sacks leader and all-around standout Travis LOng might be easy to overlook during camp, Buthis departure could really be felt Once the lights come On.

3 Easy Tips for Closing a Sale

Closing a sale can feel like the highlight of your day. It is a delicate process that must be done right. Here are three helpful tips that will guarantee you will close your next sale.

1.) Get the deal in writing as soon as possible

2.) Create a sense of urgency

3.) Use a threat of competition to make sure your client understands that you can move on to the next person if they are not serious about the deal

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