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Execsense Webinar

Get ready! I am leading an ExecSense webinar on “How to Analyze, Justify and Maximize the Positive Business Impact of Large Technology Expenditures as a CIO” on Thursday October 11th. Some of the points that will be covered will be,

• Everything you need to know one hour to update the way you analyze, position and evaluate technology investments for your company.

• Learn how to speak in terms of ROI to the C-Suite and board of directors; how to turn vendors into champions for your IT goals.

• The questions most asked by CIOs about planning long term in a quickly evolving technology universe; five questions CIOs need to ready to answer from their CFO on cash flow regarding potential significant IT investments.

• Specific case studies of IT investments that had demonstrable positive ROI in 2 years and how that created a cycle of more effective budget and planning; how to most effectively show ROI on technology expenditures; the most effective tips, techniques and important lessons learned from other CIOs.

And lots of other tips, click here and sign up today.

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