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CT Business Expo June 7th, 2012

Dave is The SalesPreneur. As featured on ABC’s hit TV Show “Shark Tank”, Dave can stand with the best of the best…he swam with the sharks and lived to tell about it! He has over 15 years of professional sales experience. In creating The SalesPreneur, Dave and his team have demonstrated how to close more deals in less time. His extensive background in product and service sales, technology, banking, financial and retail verticals makes his company a valuable resource to any company, large or small looking to grow market share. He sits on several boards and supports many local charities. A native of CT, Dave is a graduate of Bryant University. Come see him talk on selling to the “c” suite at the CT Business Expo, June 7th 2012, 3:45pm – 4:30pm. Click here to register. 

Audie Quick - I attended this workshop yesterday and I am SO happy I did! Dave is engaging, energizing and gave us some useful sales tips.
Thanks so much!!

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