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The One Thing You Can Do to Guarantee a Sale

Of all the steps you take to make a sale, there is one vital rung in the sales ladder that will guarantee a successful close.  Skip this step – or do only part of it – and you will most likely fail.

If you look back and study all your previous sales, you’ll probably find the completion of this particular step as a common thread in your success.

What is it?

Overcoming objections.  Think about it.  When you overcome your prospect’s objections, you are essentially persuading them to buy.  You are convincing them that your offer is the best solution for them.

So how do you know what their objections are going to be prior to your appointment?  You don’t.  You might have an idea if you do your homework about the company (which you already do anyway, right?), but unless you’re psychic, you won’t know every single objection your prospect is going to have.

Your best bet is to anticipate EVERY possible objection about your offer…and provide an answer that will present your product/service in a better light than your competitors’ – without competitor bashing, of course.

Try selling the product to yourself.  Compare it with the competing products.  What would your major concerns be if you purchased the product for yourself?  Take a good, long, hard look at it and write down any objection you might have.

When you can’t find anything more that you might be concerned about, take a look at each objection in your list and answer them in a way that places your product in a positive light.

Is your product superior in quality, price, service, support or anything?  Find something that your product or service displays superior benefits than the competing products and run with it.

If you truly cannot find something that makes your product shine maybe it’s time to sell something else.

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